Station Spacewalk Game

Station Spacewalk Game

A short experience with NASA on the Space Station


  • Realistic models
  • Controls not over complex
  • Has some great 2001 moments!


  • Too short!
  • No free exploration mode


Ever wanted to experience space? The world of video games isn't short of space experiences, but they're nearly all science fiction, and usually involve blasting some kind of aliens.

NASA has created a short 3D space adventure, Station Spacewalk Game, allowing you to undertake EVAs (extra vehicular activities), or spacewalks, around the International Space Station (ISS). It's more education than game, but anyone interested in space travel will find it interesting.

Using the excellent 3D plug-in Unity, the Station Spacewalk Game gives you four missions to complete, maintaining and fixing the ISS, and heading out to collect lost tools, while making sure you have enough oxygen to get back to the airlock.

It's a pretty short game, although improvements are promised, such as unlimited exploration, which will be a big improvement. The controls are via the keyboard and mouse, and while there are a few keys to learn, you can have a control list on screen at all times. Also, the pace is very slow, so there's no rush to find the right key!

While Station Spacewalk Game requires a light touch on the controls, it's not too hard and the gentle, slow pace of the game is fantastic. The model of the station is good, though it's a shame Earth has pretty poor resolution, as that would really make it a beautiful experience.

Thanks to Station Spacewalk Game there's no excuse not to realize your childhood dreams of being an Astronaut, at least in a simulation!

Station Spacewalk Game


Station Spacewalk Game

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